the following is from Cambridge university and really shows why wood is such an amazing material for bike construction:

what we want is something light ie to the left hand side of the following graph, but stiff ie to the top of it. metals are too dense, composites almost cut it but have other fau;lts but wood and wood products have the best strength to density ratio.

If you combine them with fibreglass of CF you get even more stiffness for the density making this the dream material for bike construction


heres a chart showing the properties of various alloys and metals:


so my theory is that by combining the lightest woods with aluminium or carbon fibre you can produce a hybrid material that is easy to work, beautiful to look at, stronger and lighter pond for pound than steel or pure aluminium and just more pleasing to build and ride !

heres the full article and what I have clumsily been trying to say:



Published by pjcharnaud

Im a bike builder specialising in bespoke and cutting edge ideas about wood and materials and combinations of them to arrive at the best composite materials for bikes, especially wooden ones

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