Full suspension mountain bike

This is a full suspension mountain bike designed for trail or “enduro” riding. the frame is from walnut and London Plane. Both these woods are strong and resilient. The core is hollow which allows for internal cable routing through plastic sleeves so that the cables can be easily fed through

this was new in 2015


this is hundreds of miles later and several falls resulting in broken ribs, broken finger dislocated shoulder , bike having flying lessons etc but bike is fine: I think Im definitely going to break before it does :its now got a bigger rear cassette new rockshox fork , shwalbe tyres , new bar, brass bearings for the pivots with a through bolt through the seatpost pivot and locking washers on the pivot screws: Im still riding it every weekend and doesnt need any more mods: The carbon Specialised stumpjumper lies abandoned in the garage now: heres the old warhorse now:


 When God created “EVERYTHING” in 6 days, this is what he created on His day off. Sunday. LOL.


heres the construction and out for a ride:

The bottom bracket uses the Praxis PF30 system which is strong and stable under load:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This bike has a 2 speed front mech. The suspension linkage is made from Aluminium and the pivot points (bearings) are brass lubricated with copper slip grease. This seems to work well.


The front head angle is quite slack .  The wheels are Crank Brothers tubeless although I run them with tubesbike1

The rear mech and drive are Shimano Deore which works well and there is a clutch on the rear deraileur arm to stop chain slapcropped-bike21.jpg

The bar is Crank brothers and the head tube is designed to take a tapered front fork. The one here is the Fox float


recent mods include : repacement of Fox front forks with Rockshox, replacement of cassette with a much larger one, tyres replaced with Schwalbes for faster running. I use it every weekend.


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 When God created “EVERYTHING” in 6 days, this is what he created on His day off. Sunday. LOL.


2 thoughts on “Full suspension mountain bike

  1. how does the wooden version compare to the carbon version now sat in the corner of the garage in terms of flex and ride?.

    1. hi sorry only just saw I had not rep[lied: apologies. the wooden version is actually not quite so good as you cannot steepen the angle whilst riding. the carbon version you can because it has thrust bearings to minimize the friction so that makes everything easier. Also it has less range (10 degrees) so effectively more leverage. both things make the adjustment very easy either direction. on the carbon bike the rear end is alot lighter as is the whole frame but it is stiff due to the quite large cross sections around the BB area and the headstock.

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