tandem e-bike


“The Mackerel”P1010746.JPG

The mackerel is built from walnut and maple. the maple has been selected for the “ripple ” effect which looks like a golden irridescent stripe running across the grain – reminding one of the stripes you see on a mackerel

ripple effect

The bike carries a Dillenger 500W hub motor. You cannot fit a mid mounted motor as you need a chainring on the left hand side as well as the drive side

electric hub motor

the bike is designed for dismantling: just undo these 6 bolts remove them (and the mackerels) and it comes into 2 pieces. the handle bar can then be stowed with the rear section intact. You can just see the half lap tenon joint in this picture which forms a very strong joint indeed

P1010761.JPGhe rear diagonal cross brace is an important structural element. I have see tandems without this but cannot see how they can be strong enough when going over bumpy terrain. there is a spring chain tensioner to take up the slack after assembly.

the battery and controller are all on the rear section as seen here

electric tandem bike