ultralite aluminium variangle mtb

Ultralightweight variable angle mtb. CNC machined frame components (although all the gold colored components made on a bridgeport milling machine). this bike features the patented variable angle headstock 60-70 degree. Adjustment via twist grip on the left hand handlebar. the bike stays level throughout as the pivot axis is over the front wheel axle,

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This bike shows the constructional method to be able to incorporate variable head angle into the frame which on tubular sections would be more challenging though not impossible. This type of frame construction has been pioneered by Peter Charnaud and has several features to ensure ultimate stiffness combined with lightness.

Any manufacturers who wish to use this design contact me and I will be happy to assist

frame geometry
variable angle headstock
pivot arrangement

rear chainstays
variable position front shock mount also allows rider to alter BB height

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