Vari head angle mountainbike 2017



most mountains have 2 sides so why settle for just a slack downhill configuration: what do you do for climbing ? just compromise with a downhill slack rig?  no  – ask your frame builder to contact me to get a variable angle headset like you see here and adjust your bike to suit whether you are climbing or descending. most mountains go up and down after all.

this is the most amazing bike I have designed and ridden. Its built made from aluminium and wood the rear suspension is based on De Vinci Spartan geometry. The main feature of this bike is that it has an adjustable angle headtube/steerer tube.

By slackening the angle you extend the wheelbase. that shifts the centre of gravity rearwards. This is where you want to be: more over the rear wheel.

by steepening the head angle you shorten the wheelbase. that shifts the centre of gravity forwards.

because of the rotational point in front of the bike the bike remains at the same level throughout: same BB height, same frame height.

For downhill riding 58 degrees works well. for uphill 68 is ideal and makes you much quicker at climbing.

.see the video at the bottom of this page or type in to youtube “variable head angle tutorial”

heres the bike in action:




The system is easy to adjust whilst out riding: just slacken the 2 clamp handles and adjust the angle using the knob and then reclamp and off you go.

NB The invention is patent pending (GB1622199.6) but if anyone wants to adopt this design for manufacture please contact me at or via facebook at pcharnaud  / woodenbikevari angle steerer.JPG


wooden de vinci spartan mtb.JPGwooden mtb.JPG

heres an explanation

heres an explanation of how it all works:


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